Established in 1999 and located in Irvine, California. SAMTAN USA is primarily responsible for supporting the SAMTAN/Samchully Group and its affiliates in respect to the US market, and to become a pillar in the US for the SAMTAN/Samchully Group to ensure continuous growth in global markets.
Its main objective is to provide SAMTAN and its Indonesian subsidiaries in the coal industry with purchasing support in the US ¡°Heavy Equipment¡± and ¡°Mining¡± industries.  In today¡¯s competitive markets, it plays a vital role in achieving the highest level of proficiency and competency.

SAMTAN USA is also responsible for monitoring of investments in US based Bio Venture Companies and the constant monitoring of its developments.
In addition, conducting research and analysis of prospective business opportunities in the US that presents potential future growth for the overall expansion of the SAMTAN/Samchully Group.